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Sebastian Darkroom Products
California Stainless has been manufacturing graphic arts & photo darkroom equipment for over 60 years. We have a reputation for manufacturing quality darkroom stainless sinks, dryers, revolving darkroom doors, print making and darkroom equipment. We specialize in custom design of all stainless products. We continue to make product changes as the industry and processing requirements change.


California Stainless has been purchasing Sebastian Darkroom Products fume vent-hoods for many years prior to purchasing the company in 2006. They manufacture a quality line of PVC equipment. Paul Sebastian continued to assist in developing new products for schools and universities until his passing in 2018. Please visit to view some of his new products which are listed below.
  1. Slot-Vent downdraft sinks. The most efficient fume removing sinks available. Page 2-19
  2. Improve PVC vents for removing fumes. Page 1-2, 1-4, 1-6
  3. Lithography and printmaking Equipment. A new improved complete line of equipment.
  4. Model -1012 Safelight. A "New Product" that is unmatched for processing safety.
  5. Darkroom Design. An article to assist architects and processors by Paul Sebastian.
recently acquired , a company that has offered an extensive line of quality photo darkroom casework and equipment for more than 50 years. Although we continue to make product changes as the industry changes, we anticipate no product changes at this time.

For years California Stainless has supplied Sebastian Fume Exhaust Vent-Hoods with their stainless steel sinks, with satisfaction, because Sebastian Vent-Hoods are engineered with full-sink exhaust efficiency and control for maximum safety.

An engineer and retired photography teacher, Paul Sebastian will continue to provide design for darkroom facilities and product designs for California Stainless customers, We encourage architects, schools and universities to seek his consultation.

32 N. Wood Rd. - Camarillo, CA. 93010
Phone:805/484-1038     Fax:805/484-1030


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